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Cutter – Weight control system
–  Well-known functional ingredients for efficient combustion
–  High caffeine content
–  Natural diuretic
–  Energizing


Cutter has been developed in a unique collaboration between Swedish Supplements chemists and Daniel (The Butcher) Atterhagen. It includes a combination of caffeine, catechins, forskholin and chlorogenic acid from green coffee bean. A recipe that seems to synergistically to help you achieve your goal: fast and effective weight loss!


Being on a diet is usually associated both with fatigue and hunger, which complicates everyday life. Cutter now gives you the tools that can reduce these problems and make weight loss easier.


The high caffeine content of Cutter makes you alert and helps with much needed energy that allows you to exercise with sustained intensity despite the calorie deficit. Being spike makes it easier to get at for spontaneous physical activities which increase in general incinerate no further. In addition to providing energy-caffeine contributes to increased thermogenesis (body heat) and acts diuretic.

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