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MASS PRO 7kg (70 servings)

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Benefits and features

That’s a proposal for the most demanding athletes. Supplement formula based on the highest quality whey protein isolate which flavour and solubility are standing on a very high level. It’s ideal post workout protein product, which provide high-speed amino acids to maximize the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and building blocks of healthy bones. Each serving provides 27 grams of pure and complete protein. Great advantage of product is also a trace amount of carbohydrates (including lactose) and fat.. Dosage and How to Use: Add two scoop (100 grams) into 400 ml of water and mix it well. It is recommended to use 4 scoops per day (200 grams).


Manufactured under FDA standards at Relief Pharma, GMP certified plants, and produced in compliance with TR. The Codex Alimentarius Statement on Sports Nutrition.


Use this product in conjunction with food as part of a healthy, balanced diet, not as a substitute for such. Keep out of the reach of the children. Don’t exceed the recommended daily dosage!

Storage Conditions:

• Store in a cool and dry place. Heat and sunlight may damage the bottle. • Made according to international specifications and standards, under the supervision of people specialized in this field.

Additional information


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