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Cirulline malate enriched with VITAMIN B6

  • Effectively increases the level of nitric oxide
  • Maximizes the muscle pump effect
  • Increases muscular endurance

Olimp Citruline Malate provides a high dose of  Cirulline malate enriched with vitamin B6 . It effectively improves blood flow to the muscles, increases muscle efficiency and endurance, and maximizes the effect of a training pump.

Cirulline malate is a combination of Cirulline  and malic acid. L- Cirulline  is a non-protein amino acid. Its transformations in the body lead to the synthesis of arginine, which in turn strongly initiates the production of nitric oxide (NO). NO is a gas hormone responsible for expanding the lumen of blood vessels, and thus affects the efficient transport of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to skeletal muscles.

Muscle efficiency and endurance
By increasing the level of NO, Cirulline improves the body’s exercise capacity. Better muscle oxygen saturation and higher muscle Cirulline  levels have been observed in people supplementing Cirulline  . Improved distribution of oxygen and nutrients allows for relieving the cardiovascular system, which significantly extends the duration of workouts and affects the perceived effort difficulty.

Muscle pump
By facilitating the supply of blood to skeletal muscles, Cirulline enhances the effect of a muscle pump. This is not just a visual effect, making muscles look bulky. It also allows for the accumulation of metabolites that may cause oxidative strees – one of the factors conditioning adaptation to physical effort.

Fatigue reduction and regeneration
Taking Cirulline  before exercise effectively reduces the perceived degree of difficulty of effort and extends the working time until exhaustion. People supplementing this amino acid were able to perform a greater training volume with a lower level of subjective fatigue. What is more, improved blood flow to muscles after exercise allows for effective reduction of the delayed muscle soreness after resistance training, as well as accelerate the process of muscle regeneration.
Vitamin B– it is involved in the transformation of macronutrients and the production of energy and neurotransmitters. It participates in the production of hemoglobin and supports the functioning of the nervous system.

To sum up, Olimp Citruline Malate is an effective supplement that increases the level of nitric oxide. The product increases muscle endurance, maximizes the effect of a training pump, and supports post workout regeneration.


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