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SCI-MX Nutrition Muscle Meal Lean, Protein Powder Lean Shake, 5.17 kg, Chocolate, 47 Servings





MUSCLE MEAL LEAN provides a scientifically formulated blend of advanced ingredients designed to work in synergy with your weight-training and help you gain lean, hard muscle. Each serving contains 46 grams of Sci-MX’s unique GRS 9-HOUR gradual-release protein which ensures that hungry muscles are supplied with muscle-building amino acids over a sustained period. Sci-MX’s Cross-Action™ fast and slow carbohydrate pack (sourced from natural corn with waxy maize) provides energy and aids recovery. MUSCLE MEAL LEAN is now further enhanced with the breakthrough compound Aminogen which has shown in research to increase BCAA retention by 250%, nitrogen levels in muscle by 32% and overall amino-acid plasma levels by 100%. Overall, this could increase the effectiveness of protein and aid deep muscle-tissue recovery and muscle growth. Healthy immune function, muscle oxygenation, hormonal health and muscle and nerve function are vital to athletes and gym users aiming for maximum performance. Sci-MX has now also added a blend of vitamins C, B6, B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper specifically formulated for sports-people which contributes to these important health functions. With Glutamine and BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), which are both crucial to muscle growth and recovery make the formulation an extremely effective lean muscle-gain solution. MUSCLE MEAL LEAN is delicious and satisfying and mixes easily with water. When away from home or at the gym, add a serving of MUSCLE MEAL LEAN to an empty shaker and add water, shake and drink whenever needed.


Cross-Action™ Carbohydrate Blend (Maltodextrin, Fructose, Rice Starch, Waxy Maize) GRS 9-Hour® Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate*, Calcium Caseinate*, Soya Protein Isolate, Peptide Bonded Glutamine Rich Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, Milk Protein, Milk Protein Isolate*, Whey Protein Isolate*) Skimmed Milk Powder* Glycine MCT Oil Flavouring Red Beet Powder (Colouring) Cellulose Gum (Stabiliser) Magnesium Oxide Glutamine Leucine Isoleucine Valine Taurine Aminogen® (Digestive Proteases from Aspergillus Niger and Aspergillus Oryzae) Calcium Carbonate Ascorbic Acid Ferrous Gluconate Optizyme™ (Lactase Enzymes) Sucralose (Sweetener) Zinc Oxide Copper Gluconate Calcium D-Pantothenate Cyanocobalamin Pyridoxine-5-Phosphate Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid *Sources of Lactose and Milk Protein


Add 2 heaped scoops (110g) to a shaker with 350-400ml of water. Shake for 30 seconds. Allow to settle for 30 seconds and drink

Safety Warning

Do not exceed 3 x 110g servings per day. Food supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

Box Contains

1 X 5.17KG

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