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Short burst, high intensive exercises use the ATP-PCR (ATP-Phosphocreatine) pathway. An abundence of studies show evidence of increasing exercise performance by supplementing quality, high-bioavailable creatine monohydrate. Crea-X4 is a convenient creatine source, with added magnesium, amino acids and alpha-lipoic acid. Boost high intensity exercise and take you performance to the next level.

  • 3g creatine per serving
  • Added magnesium, amino acids and alpha-lipoic acid
  • Improve high intensity performance

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USN Crea-X4 Creatine

Intense training sessions can exhaust your body’s natural supply of creatine, leaving your muscles feeling flat and fatigued. For any athlete, supplementing with creatine is a tried, tested and trusted way to support your strength training and muscle building programme. If you’re serious about gaining real strength and size then creatine is an essential supplement to add to your stack – choose USN Crea-X4 to keep your creatine needs covered.

Each 6-capsule serving provides 4 grams of USN’s unique and complete creatine blend featuring creatine monohydrate, creatine pyruvate and creatine citrate plus added glycine, taurine, beta-alanine and more for enhanced endurance and recovery. This stimulant-free formula can be easily stacked with other supplements to support your training and nutrition plan – we recommend stacking with USN BCAA Amino Gro or USN B4 Bomb for a perfect pre-workout.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes Lean Mass – Creatine is a tried, tested and trusted supplement proven to promote lean muscle mass and can increase muscle hydration to make your muscles look larger and leaner whilst making nutrient delivery more efficient.
  • Strength and Endurance – Supplementing your muscle stores with an additional daily dose of creatine can contribute to increased strength and longer lasting endurance so you can train harder for longer and build more muscle mass.
  • No loading. No bloating. – USN’s Crea-X4 capsules do not require a higher dose loading phase and shouldn’t cause bloating with sustained use.
  • Stack It Up – USN Crea-X4 comes as convenient flavourless capsules that can be taken with water or added to your pre-workout supplement stack. We recommend stacking with USN BCAA Amino Gro for protect your muscle mass during your workouts and more rapid recovery after.

Who is USN Crea-X4 Creatine For?

USN Crea-X4 is a complete creatine package perfect to supplement any athlete’s training regime and push you closer to your strength and physique goals. This product is not suitable for children under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing women. If you suffer from an existing medical condition, please consult a medical professional prior to any supplementation.

When to Use USN Crea-X4 Creatine?

Take a single 5-capsule serving each day to support your muscle building programme. Creatine is typically added to your pre-workout stack however on non-training days USN Crea-X4 can be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with water. USN Crea-X4 does not require a loading phase therefore to begin creatine supplementation simply start at the standard serving size and continue in the same way for the duration of your program. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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